Michael Wüst

Michael Wuest
• Born in 1960 in Vienna
• Engineer
• Psychologic Counsellor
• Kink Educator since 1995
• Author
• Energy Worker
• Rigger (Various events and performances since 1995, MBE 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, Shibaricon 2015, Cherophobia London 2016, Sydney 2017, Berlin 2019)

Motto: Intensity.
Teaching Experience
I teach since the late 80s in many European countries and occasionally in Australia and Canada.
Workshop topics range from Bondage (all levels), BDSM Techniques (Impact Play, Needles, Breathplay, Fisting, Medical Play, …) to psychological aspects (Crisis Intervention training, Aftercare, D/s Dynamics, … ).
I also host events like Werktag or XPLORE Vienna, MBE Vienna.

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